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International Strategic Associates Corporation (iSAC) is a service disabled veteran owned small business engaging in legal, public policy, security, technology, and international affairs consultancy on a domestic and international level based in Lebanon, Ohio

iSAC facilitates and provides solutions for its clients confronting complex situations by weaving threads of chronological events, statistical analysis, and financial patterns into a digital tapestry which presents a clear and compelling picture that is designed to mobilize the client’s audience.

iSAC’s success is attributed to its use of the latest methodologies and technology transforming global complexities into simplified solutions. (Download Flyer)

Litigation Support

Division specializes in case review, analysis and transforming voluminous amounts of evidence into comprehensible, useful tools that illustrate the facts. Our analysis includes the development and preparation of demonstrative aids, charts, timelines, data analysis, graphs, maps and other illustrative media enhance significant facts.

Animation division capabilities include 2D and 3D animation and when combined with our research and litigation sections convey a powerful story. Applicable uses can be for manufacturing safety, accident and fire reconstruction, site development planning, administrative, civil, and criminal proceedings.

In today’s environment, Information technology  is so crucial to any type of business and iSAC’s IT section offers the latest best capabilities including website development, topology development, data recovery, design network systems, monitoring and training. Small and medium size business IT assessments provides recommendations for best practices.

Research division provides a comprehensive analysis utilizing descriptive and explanatory research and qualitative and quantitative methodologies. One of iSAC clients, a grass-roots organization in Illinois requested research and production of an animation video describing the impact of constructing power transmission lines on prime farmland.

Graphics Animation

Information Technology

Research Analysis